Hope for the Hopeless

It’s not just Good news! It’s great news! There is hope for you! Do not feel hopeless nor dejected. Don’t allow yourself to become a victim.

All of us are surrounded by uncertainties in every area of life. There are health, marriage/home, finance, work, business and goal challenges. Our normal way of life is being deemed archaic, and the ever-increasing speed of development in technology is causing severe burnout in most people, which is also affecting the society negatively. Due to so much time being spent on social media by most people, we are losing touch with our families and loved ones. The loneliness that can be felt and touched sits comfortably in most people’s couches, or in their beds (as a cozy cat having its’ siesta after a palatable bowl of milk in the afternoon).

Issues of this nature have brought about so much pain and bitterness in the lives of so many people. As a result, suicidal thoughts or committing suicide has become the only option for some. Others, however, avenge their frustration on others by hurting or killing them. While others are also having mental issues.

According to the worldpopulation.com, statistics point out that suicide rates in the world have increased, and it’s extremely diverse, attacking people of all walks of lives, background or religion.

Certainly, the instability of our world today is not different from our stock markets. But there’s hope for all of us. Yes, there’s still hope for your present situation, and there’s also hope for your future! That’s why I created this blog especially for you!

In the subsequent writings, you will learn about my own life of despair, and how I came to receive, and continue to live in an assured hope through faith in Christ Jesus.

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